Lines Written After Crisis

The privilege of having / to imagine // of can’t even imagining
The dream of children but also the fear
That nothing is / disposable because nothing can be
Our gyre / widens wider now it is plastic
Oracle that reads / in glowing teeth a future now // past
Orpheus singing into the ears of leaves / a song to re / wind eternity
As aphids conscripted to protect & serve / the surplus
After the emergency / resolution in bullet // points
As if speech were a carcass / mounted upon a wall
Were your caress a revolution that could // make a tyrant fall
When bodycam mediation / mediates no justice
West Coast waking up // crisis always in medias res
After the planes hit / the teacher told the class this was their war
And mourning would make a method // to take / from every / form


Kristin George Bagdanov holds an M.F.A. in poetry from Colorado State University and is PhD candidate in Literature at U.C. Davis. Her poetry collection, Fossils in the Making was a finalist in the 2017 National Poetry Series and will be published by Black Ocean in 2019. Poems in Boston Review, Colorado Review, and Zone 3. She is the poetry editor of Ruminate Magazine. / @KristinGeorgeB


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