Fermi’s Enigma

And considering it all,
it is not hard to come to understand
that we are the uncanny.

            Out there
            will only be what we
            send of ourselves

which will no longer belong to us
or be something we can call

And the daily realization
that I will have to join
the eternal mode
crushes all meaning as if
my heart becoming

            black hole

my heart


Austin Veldman is a multidisciplinary artist from South Bend, Indiana. His poetry has recently appeared in Plainsongs, Atlanta Review, Free State Review, Glassworks, Ocean State Review, & more. His artwork can be viewed in Watershed Review. He is the Managing Editor of 42 Miles Press and is the founding editor of Twyckenham Notes, an online literary magazine. He holds an MA in English from Indiana University South Bend. He lives in Northern Indiana with his family. www.austinveldman.com

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